Are You Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits?

Yummy Donuts

I must admit my favorite snacks are yummy and sweet donuts.  But, since my son starting dieting over one year ago – I have really tried to cut back on high-calorie snacks.  My son recently lost over 100 pounds (he did this over the past 13 months) and he’s still losing.  He’s reached his goal and now he plans to exceed his initial weight-loss goal by twenty pounds.  I am so proud of him, because at age 17 he’s finally made up his mind that he no longer wants to feel uncomfortable in his own skin.

As mothers, we must teach our kids healthy eating.  Kids will do everything they see us (as parents) do…it’s called imitating. If our kids see us eating healthy, low-calorie foods then hopefully they will follow in our footsteps.  Diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes – all of these things and more can occur when our kids are overweight.  Let’s love our children and stay away from the foods that lead to health problems later in life.

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