Driver Training

Yesterday was my son’s first day of behind-the-wheel driver training.  It was Sunday, so I assumed there would not be a great deal of traffic on the circuit streets or highways.  I wanted to tag along and sit in the backseat, but I decided to hover less and give my son room to actually practice his driving skills without me commenting on how he did.  So, I stayed home and relaxed by watching Lifetime.  My favorite Sunday night show is Army Wives and during the day, I can tune-in and never tune-out, just love this channel.

But, as I sat home on the couch, I couldn’t help but worry about my son.  He has never been behind the wheel of a car because I did not want to teach him my bad driving habits.  I wanted him to start fresh, with a clean slate.  He was out practicing for about two and a half hours and when he returned, right away I had to ask “How did it go?”  He said, he was nervous and the car was not steady, since obviously this was his first time.  He was swerving from left to right within his lane and before you know it, a cop pulled him over. So, he and his driving instructor told the cop he was a brand new driver who was learning how to drive.  So, the cop gave him a pat on the back and said, “Good luck kid,” and they were off again.

This time he was on the freeway and was extremely tense.  His instructor kept telling him to relax his shoulders and just drive.  But, my son was unable to relax.  I personally think he did well for his first time out.  He didn’t run any lights or stop signs and most importantly – he did not wreck the car.  Thank goodness.  There are two more weekend lessons left on his driver training schedule and after that, I will have him practicing while I am in the passenger seat.  We’ll see how that goes.  Wish him luck, because we will need it.

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