All in the Genes

I received over 100 emails requesting additional information on Stathmin. Without getting too scientific, because a scientist I am not. However, I will try to shed more light on this topic for you.  It seems that Gleb Shumyatsky, a geneticist at Rutgers University in New Jersey has been studying the role of Stathmin and its relationship to post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, borderline personality disorders and human anxiety diseases.

In the study Shumyatsky examines how Stathmin controls both learned and innate fear.  Animals often have inborn fear for their natural predators or certain body movements that are predator like.  On the other hand, learned fears are a result of an animal’s experience.

Mice without Stathmin have deficiency in innate and learned fear.  Meaning these particular mice do not access threats well, which leads to lack of innate parental care and adult social interactions.  They lack motivation for retrieving pups and are unable to choose a safe location for nest-building.

So, I guess since I am such a paranoid Helicopter Mom, I must have way too much Stathmin in my DNA.  The mothers who simply don’t give a damn about their kids are the ones who lack Stathmin.  These are my personal opinions and conclusions and not those of any particular doctor or scientist.  After researching this topic further, I gathered that Helicopter Moms have way too much Stathmin, so now we need to find out what causes an abundance of Stathmin in humans?  I will research this and post on that topic at a later date.

What’s your DNA make-up?  Does your DNA make you less or more caring for your offspring?

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