The Flu

I’ve been sick in bed with the flu for the past four days.  Not sure how I got sick, but it has been no fun.  I wanted to ride my bike and get about 5 miles of exercise yesterday, but my body was so weak from this flu bug that I was simply unable to do anything.  Maybe by tomorrow I can get a nice bike ride.  Mucinex is my new best friend.  I hope that all of you are feeling well.  Don’t let the change in weather get the best of you, stay hydrated and take your vitamins.

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Black Friday

I know most of you have enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with family and close friends.  My son stayed at his college dormitory because he had exams next week and said he wanted to study for them.  So, instead of turkey he baked a chicken.  I think we all need to start thinking about healthy eating during and after the holidays.  Especially if you have relatives and friends who love to binge eat during the holidays…any excuse to gain 10 pounds.  Well if we eat too much, we can always get back in the gym five days each week and burn off those extra calories.

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Steaks Forever

steaksI hope I don’t offend any vegans, but there’s nothing like a nice “rib eye” steak, especially when it’s on sale for $3.99 per pound.  I don’t eat steaks or red meat on a daily basis, but my husband is a huge fan.  I found this deal at the local meat market and surely had to stock up on a few for my hubby.  However, I am sticking to my “healthy living” eating plans in hopes of losing weight in time for the holidays.

Water is the main key to dropping those unwanted pounds.  Drinking water daily also helps keep your bowels regulated.  I am also drinking meal replacements for dinner, because eating meals after 6:00 pm equates to one thing….extra calories that will not be burned during sleep.  The older we get, the harder it is to lose those extra pounds.  Belly fat is the worst…so hard to get rid of it.  But, walking does help reduce belly fat.  Walking for 30 minutes each day makes a difference.



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Medical Marijuana

marijuanaAs the mother of a college student, I worry all the time about my son being exposed to Medical Marijuana during his years in college.  He no longer resides at home with me and being a Helicopter Mom it’s difficult to control what he’s exposed to…so I’m writing this article and posing a question to moms all over the world…”How would you feel if your son or daughter was exposed to marijuana while away at college?

cotton candyIt seems that medical marijuana clinics are popping up all over the place and they are making millions of dollars.  The names on the products they are selling are similar to names of popular children’s candy…”cotton candy” or “sour OG” just to name a few.  I personally don’t drink nor do I spoke, not have I ever experimented with any types of drugs.  So, it would be devastating to me to learn that my son is being exposed to medical marijuana and that’s exactly what happened during his second year of college.  I was no longer a mother in control, but someone on the outside looking in…living miles and miles away.  I cringed just thinking about his friends smoking marijuana in his presence but what could I do? Absolutely NOTHING!

marijuanaIt seems that females are purchasing medical marijuana twice as much as young men are who are registered in colleges and universities around the world.  I never could understand what drugs do for someone, but my son says his friends smoke medical marijuana because “it’s legal in their state” and “it helps them study better and they do really well on exams and quizzes”.  But, how can a mind altering drug help your mind operate more efficiently?  That’s the big question…read my next post on medical marijuana to get the answer.


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Healthy Eats…

uurth cafe

Trying my best to eat a healthy meal today.  One of my favorite places to eat is Urth Caffe in Pasadena, CA.  They also have a great location in Beverly Hills and the food is delicious.  The salads are fresh, the iced organic green tea is simply the best green tea I’ve ever tasted.

Urth Caffe

I couldn’t resist the chocolate chip cookie and lemonade…but you’ve gotta try their organic green tea!!!!


This place is easy on the wallet and easy on the calories.

organic green tea

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End of Semester

The end of the college Spring semester is coming to a close.  My son has worked diligently this year to earn really good grades.  I can’t wait to find out what his final grades are, but I am hoping for all A’s.  This Summer Arthur plans to work full-time and also enroll in a few Summer courses.  He called me last night to tell me that his best friends brother was recently diagnosed with “Bi-Polar Disorder”.  I’m not sure if any of you know how serious this disease can be…here are a few fast facts on the disease:

Can’t be cured, but treatment may help
Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Requires a medical diagnosis
Each episode usually lasts days to weeks at a time. Episodes may occur several times a year or throughout the year.
Mania symptoms include periods of elevated mood or irritability. When experiencing a manic episode, a patient often has high energy levels with reduced need for sleep. Less often, people may experience psychosis. Depression symptoms include feeling sad, low energy, low motivation, or loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities.
Treatments can help reduce symptoms. Medications include valproic acid, lithium, lamotrigine, quetiapine, among others. Other treatments include cognitive behavior therapy or psychotherapy.
Turns out his friends brother stopped taking all medication given to him by his doctor and his depression is getting increasingly worse.  If you know anything more about this disorder, please send me your feedback.
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I recently had surgery and I’m home recuperating.  But, I want to thank my loyal readers and tell you all that I will be back posting on the topics you enjoy reading about on a regular basis by end of this month.  Taking time to heal, rest and come back even stronger. Have a wonderful weekend.

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MicroTouch SwitchBlade


My husband used this new all-in-one, head-to-toe groomer that removes hair from anywhere on his body. It’s great for ear, nose, neck, eyebrows, sideburns trimming when you can’t get to the barbershop for a few days. My husband says he was pleasantly surprised by the value of the Micro Touch Switchblade. It’s a 6-piece set, has a built-in light, 4 snap on guides with German stainless steel blades. “It’s just amazing”, according to my husband. So, if you don’t have one already, go out and purchase one as a gift for your spouse or significant other for the Holidays – they will surely thank you.



easy to follow

MicroTouch SwitchBlade comes with easy-to-follow instructions, which I’m sure your husband or significant other will find useful. It’s easy and quick and most of all inexpensive!  Go get one today.

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Ring the Alarm

So, my son Arthur is having difficulty waking up in time for his college classes.  This makes me extremely unhappy.  I’ve called him at 5:30 in the morning and he doesn’t even hear his i-phone ringing (at all).  Last week, I called him 15 times before he actually heard the telephone ringing and it was sitting on the night stand just 1-2 feet away from his bed.  No matter if the volume is all the way up, Arthur seems to be in what’s called a “slow-wave sleep” (SWS).  Sleep deprivation studies have found that the primary function of a slow-wave sleep is to allow the brain to recover from its daily activities.  Arthur is taking a full-load of college courses, meaning he is attending classes full-time with over 15 course credits.  But, this shouldn’t make him excessively tired.  Should it?  Even his roommates have a tough time waking him up.

So, I did some research and shopped around for the loudest alarm clock I could find.  Pictured below is the Elgin Quartz Analog Loud Twin Bell Alarm Clock,  list price is $43.99 but if you shop around like I did, you can find the same exact clock for just $33.99.

elgin alarm

It may sound like a whole lotta money for a simple alarm clock, but when your son (or daughter) can’t seem to wake up in the morning for his (or her) 8:00 am college courses, then it’s time for Mommy to find the loudest alarm clock she could possibly find. This is indeed the one!  I looks sort of old-fashioned and harmless, but don’t sleep (literally) on this super bargain.  It’s the only way I could possibly get Arthur up at the crack of dawn Monday through Friday.

Some factors known to increase slow-wave sleep are intense prolonged exercise, high-carbonated drinks (like soda pop – which I know Arthur doesn’t drink) or increasing body temperature or heating the body (for example, by immersion in a hot tub) – and I know Arthur’s never step foot in a hot tub.  He would tell me if he were swimming in the pool at his apartment (you would think- right?)  Well, he hasn’t mentioned either – so I’m assuming he’s suffering from this “deep-sleep” condition due to his rigorous work-out regimen.  Arthur works out daily at the gym, which is located on the college campus, but how can exercising daily make someone so young, so darn tired?  I plan to do more research on this topic and many other sleep disorders that my readers are writing in and asking about and will keep you updated right here.  So, stay tuned – there’s more to come!  In the meantime, if you know of anyone who is suffering from this same sleep disorder, please go to and purchase this clock.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so whether you know someone who is a breast cancer survivor or not, this is the month in which you can raise your awareness and that of the people around you about this horrible disease.  October is the month we particularly want to emphasize donating much-needed funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  I have a very good friend by the name of Lauren, who is a breast cancer survivor.  Lauren goes to work every single day (as an attorney) and lives life to the fullest, because right now her cancer is in remission.  She has two beautiful daughters (Jill and Samantha) who are both in college and Lauren calls me every single day to remind me that she is a winner!

There is a sixty-mile fund-raising walk, which I’m sure you’ve heard of – it’s called the “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” – which raises money for breast cancer research.  Lauren has participated every year (since its inception) and next year I also plan to support her in this effort, by participating in the walk and raising as much money as I possibly can.  If you’d like more information, please visit – The website has a wealth of information regarding early detection and screening.

There are different types of surgery available to treat breast cancer.  If a woman decides she can opt for a lumpectomy (removing the abnormal area of the breast tissue) or a mastectomy (removal of the entire breast).  It’s a woman’s choice and no one knows a woman’s body better than a woman.  Women with early stage (Stage 1) breast cancer have a 5-year survival rate of 100%.  Women who have cancer that has spread throughout the body (Stage 4) have a 20% chance of surviving up to 5 years.  However, as advances are made in the treatment of this disease, the survival rate can greatly improve.  Please donate today, if you’ve not already done so.   If you don’t know where to donate, please visit

Also, if you know someone who is a breast cancer survivor, please give her a hug today!

breast cancer women



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Be a Quick Thinker


As a college student, it’s important to learn new ways to exercise your brain. Similar to me working out at my local 24-hour fitness gym and exercising my body, we need to workout our minds. In order for us to maintain adequate skills in the following areas:

  • Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Memory
  • Speed
  • Problem Solving

It’s important that you pay attention to when college instructors are lecturing. Some students fall asleep in class, because they may have not gotten a good night’s rest the evening prior. If you are losing focus in class, then your grades will suffer. You have to have a flexible mind, which means you should be able to see different points of view on a variety of topics. You can’t have tunnel vision, although some people do…but it’s not a good thing. Memorization will play an important role while you’re studying in college. You will have to memorize definitions, theories, all sorts of things in order to pass exams and quizzes. If you can’t retain information, this will affect you greatly in life. Some people take herbal supplements to stimulate memory, but exercising your brain will help you remember more often than not. Agility of the mind, you have to be a quick thinker because if it takes you long to analyze topics, then it will slow down your test-taking abilities. Ever heard the term, quick on your feet? Well, what about quickness of the mind, they actually mean the same thing. Lastly, you need excellent problem-solving skills. In real life situations, you will have to know how to solve problems, whether at home, work or school.

My recommendation is Lumosity exercises are designed by neuroscientists to improve core cognitive functions. Researchers have measured improvements in working memory and attention after training.

Dozens of research collaborators help them to improve the Lumosity training program and its effectiveness. Find out for yourself how healthy your brain is by logging onto and giving your brain a quick workout. The games and exercises are fun and most importantly informative. You can actually learn something while simultaneously increasing your cognitive skills. Give it a try today!

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Five Guys

I visited the college campus where my son will be attending college this Fall and low and behold – there was a 5 Guys nearby and I simply couldn’t resist.  I stopped in and grabbed a bacon cheeseburger that was out of this world.  I’m posting pictures of the huge bags of peanuts they have at this location, because that was another thing that caught my eye.  Remember when you were younger and your parents took you to a good ol’ fashioned baseball game?  Well, the same peanuts they sell at the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers and even the Boston Red Sox games, were sitting right near the entrance of 5 Guys.  This place churns out some of the best burgers, but we want our college kids to eat healthy and they should frequent places like Chipotle versus 5 Guys.  I posted the menu for you parents to look it over – hope it doesn’t tempt you too much.

Five Guys 003

Five Guys 001




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Cancer in Remission

New Pics Carolyn June 2013 006


New Pics Carolyn June 2013 007


Having lunch at Chipotle with a friend who just received news that her cancer is in remission.  She is out and about and enjoying life as she should.  It’s a beautiful day in San Diego. The sun is shining and my best friend is cancer-free!  Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer?  They need a support group of friends and family to be there for them.  Call or send them a letter to let them know you care.

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My Boyfriend Snores

Amanda Page wants to know how she can stop her new boyfriend from snoring…
How can I stop my BF from Snoring?  I have recently started living with my new boy friend.
All is good, except one thing.  He Snores really loud 🙁
And I am a real light sleeper.  So I cannot take his snoring anymore.
How can I stop him from Snoring short of punching him all through the night and thus keeping me awake?
Well Amanda,  you can keep punching him which will keep the both of you up all night and neither of you will ever get any decent sleep.  Or, you can take the following tips:
1) Make sure your BF doesn’t sleep on his back (Not a good position and encourages snoring)
2) Make sure your BF isn’t overweight, because being overweight contributes to snoring (So, I’ve heard)
3) Does the BF have good hygiene?  (Does he clean out his nose daily?  He needs to keep those nasal passages clear and free from obstruction, if you know what I mean…)
4) Avoid alcohol before bedtime and take a hot shower if nasal passages are clogged
Last but not least, if none of these suggestions work: then go to snoremenders{dot} com and purchase the mouthpiece there for about $60 bucks and hand it to your BF as a gift.  Hopefully, he will not be offended.  Hope it works out for you.
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One-Way Street Relationship

I apologize to my followers who have emailed me letters that I haven’t had the opportunity to respond to – Janelle from Los Angeles, CA wrote a letter regarding her husband, who works full-time but earns less money than she does.  Janelle complained that she does “most of the housework, for example – dishes, vacuuming the house, cleans the bathroom, kitchen, etc.” – plus Janelle makes about $100,000 annually.  Her husband, Tyler makes about $45,000 annually and “does NOT contribute to any of the household chores.”  Yet, when Tyler comes home from work, he expects a “home-cooked” meal to be prepared by Janelle.  Janelle is usually so tired, she doesn’t even have time to wash her hair and she pays all of the bills, so she doesn’t even spend money pampering herself – like getting her hair and nails done.

Well, Janelle – all I can say is… “You got major problems, girl.”  You are in a “one-way street” relationship.  Your husband is doing ALL of the taking and feels like it’s totally up to you to keep on giving and giving until it hurts.  Men who live in a household and feel like they are NOT responsible for housework, just because they have a “job” and go to work 40 hours each week – are clueless.  Janelle needs to stop doing ALL of the household chores and see if Tyler will lift a finger to do something around the house.  When Tyler’s laundry is dirty and he is looking around for clean clothing – just tell him he needs to start cleaning his own dirty laundry.  It’s that simple.

Women need to stop allowing men to take, take and take.  When you get married it should be a 50/50 situation.  Janelle said her paycheck covers 70% of the household expenses, because her husband pays a large chunk of his paycheck in child support.  So, since this man has to pay most of his money to the ex-wife and kids – then maybe he should think more about what you have to “give-up” to be his wife.  Relationships are not all about money, but they are about loving and caring for each other.  Janelle’s husband only thinks about himself, if he can’t help her clean the house that the two of them share and if he feels like because Janelle wears the skirts, and it’s your responsibility to have his meals prepared daily – then he really doesn’t understand what marriage is all about.

Janelle says she’s “gained weight over the past year and her husband could care less.  He never tells her that she looks nice, because he’s so busy looking at other women.  Well, Janelle – no doubt the other women he’s looking at are being taken care of by their men. I’m sure they are not looking so good, by doing all of the work around the house, plus paying all of the bills.  No, these women are busy taking care of themselves – which is what you need to start doing immediately.  Tyler doesn’t want to see you looking good, he wants to keep you just the way you are – so don’t keep giving.  You need to start taking back what’s yours and that’s YOUR SELF RESPECT!

Seems like Janelle has been giving so much of herself that Tyler is just used to taking your time and he really doesn’t care what the cost is – he really only thinks of himself!  So, if I were Janelle I would make Tyler do his own laundry, his own shopping and make him prepare his own meals.  Why is it fair for Janelle to work 40 hours each week and pay 70% of the household expenses PLUS Janelle has to cook, clean and do just about EVERYTHING else?  This is called “CRAZY”.  Stop the madness and tell Tyler he needs a maid not a wife.  He is looking for a mother and a maid, certainly not a wife.

Tyler also complains about anything concerning Janelle’s 15 year old son.  If Janelle asks Tyler to do anything for her son – since he is not the biological father – he complains about it.  Janelle, I hate to tell you this – but Tyler only cares about Tyler.  He is with you, but he doesn’t care that you don’t fix yourself up anymore, or that you look and feel like CRAP.  All he wants are his needs met.  He doesn’t care about you or your needs.  Things will work if and ONLY if Tyler starts to think more about your feelings and LESS about his own.  He is selfish.  He wants the world to revolve around him and how he feels.  He wants you to think of him – ALWAYS.

Well, I’m here to tell you to start thinking about YOURSELF.  Go to the gym, get your hair and nails done.  Take yourself out to a fancy restaurant and make yourself feel WORTHY, because you ARE!  Join the gym and go there EVERY single day.  Make yourself feel good about YOU.  Because nobody else will – I mean it!  Start this week and email me when you have that new gym membership.

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