Class of 2016

Is your son or daughter graduating this year?  Whether it’s grammar, high school or even college – it’s an exciting time for parents.  Graduation is the beginning of a new chapter in our children’s lives.  It’s symbolic of their growth and moving from one stage to the next.  I remember when my son Arthur graduated from high school, I was so happy that I cried.

I knew he was growing up and leaving for college and it was extremely difficult for me to grasp the concept that I would not be cooking dinner for him every evening or driving him to football games.  As parents we want to see our children grow and mature and become independent.  But, it was and still is very difficult for me.  I have no more children at home with me and I am suffering from “empty nest” syndrome.

I am happy for everyone who is a member of the Class of 2016 – no matter what your grade level – it’s a time for celebration!

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