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OK ladies, we are in the month of November and it’s time to begin submitting college applications for your high school seniors.  Arthur is planning to attend college at New York University, but it’s always a good idea to submit applications to multiple universities just in case your first choice is declined.  So, I have compiled a list of colleges (in order of preference) for Arthur:

1st choice: New York University

2nd choice: Stanford University

3rd choice: Harvard University

4th choice: University of California at Los Angeles

5th choice: San Diego State University

6th choice: Marquette University

7th choice: University of Southern California

8th choice: Boston University

9th choice: University of San Diego

10th choice: Cal State University – Northridge

Notice I have a mix of colleges and universities, because Arthur could change his mind at the last-minute and my back-up plan will then be in place.  Each college requires an application fee when submitting your admission applications; check in advance for fee amounts.  Then proceed by submitting applications online to each college or university – some colleges offer free online application submission.

I think it’s best to select 5 to 10 schools, but the application fees can add up.  However, many colleges offer an application fee waiver.  You may qualify for a fee waiver, but you must check with each college.  The college application deadline link for all colleges and universities within the United States is at collegedata {dot} com.

Each university has three sets of deadlines:

  1. Early Admission
  2. Early Action
  3. Regular Admission

I plan on submitting applications prior to the regular admissions deadline.  Please, keep in mind some admission dates are “rolling” or continuous throughout the year.  Also, high school transcripts must be included, along with teacher evaluations and a mid year progress report card.

If you need any additional information, feel free to send me an email – Carolyn {at} helicoptermamma {dot} org.

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  1. Sandra Bellham of Irvine, California says

    My son is a senior and he’s applying to one college. This is a great idea. I will tell him to apply to no less than 5 colleges, then he can choose the best option. Valuable information.

  2. What is tying all of these school choices together? It seems like a random mesh to me.

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