College Students and Eating Healthy


My friend’s daughter is overweight.  College did nothing but add to her stress and she comforted herself with fast food.  College can be life-changing for many, as some move out-of-state and far away from home to pursue their educational goals.  But, I think as parents we should try to help our kids to refrain from junk food and eat as healthy as possible.  Studying late nights for an exam or getting off work and then rushing to a class, can be hectic and many college students simply don’t have the time to prepare and cook healthy meals.  I’ve suggested to my son that he eat Salmon and lots of salads. He also drinks a gallon of water each and every day which aids in his healthy lifestyle choices.  I know that losing weight is never easy and I highly suggest viewing a “diet” as a “lifestyle change” and not simply a “temporary change in eating habits.”


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