Finding A Roommate

While our children are in college it is very challenging finding the right roommate until graduation.   My son, Arthur has one more year until he can apply for graduation and we are feverishly trying to find him a new roommate.  The cost of living has increasingly gone up over the past few years, but we may have found the perfect place for about $1,000 per month.  He’s had several roommates in the past, but they have moved out of the country or have dropped out of college and we know it will not be cheap.  We want to purchase a condo for Arthur upon graduation, so that he can work full-time in his chosen career and then start saving for his own home purchase.

We’ve tried college apartment boards and but when using Craigslist we know that we must be very careful.  Craigslist has yielded excellent past roommates for Arthur and we are hoping for the same results this time around.  Whatever happened to the days when renting a room used to cost around $300 per month?  Those days go way back to the year 1970. We are in 2017 and the average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in a nice neighborhood runs about $1,500 per month (or more).

If you are having a tough time finding a roommate for your college kids, send me an email and I will send you resources in your area.

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