Forgot My Lunch

Seedless Red Organic Grapes

I’m sitting in my office, it’s about twelve noon and I just realized that I forgot to bring my lunch today.  I was planning to have a healthy, low-calorie turkey sandwich on wheat, but oh well.  I did happen to find a small bag of grapes in the fridge here at my office, so I guess the grapes will simply have to satisfy my growling tummy.

Did you know that one cup of grapes or 92.0 grams is equal to 62 calories?  So, if you are trying to lose weight, as I always am – then you should think about including grapes in your diet.  My favorites are the red, organic seedless grapes.  But, if you like the green or black seedless grapes – then pick some up today on your way home from work.  Grapes are very filling and they satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings.


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