Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

It’s never easy to get that beautiful, shapely almost stunning pre-pregnancy body back. It’s always an uphill climb trying to lose those extra baby pounds, but I gotta tell ya’ – it’s certainly doable if you stay focused. After I gave birth to my son almost 18 years ago, I was a whopping 67 pounds overweight. I tried every diet in the world that was popular at that time and nothing really worked. The pounds didn’t begin to melt away until I applied some old-fashioned weight-loss techniques that involved exercise, calorie-counting and lots of water.

Let’s discuss a few popular diets that are currently on the market today:

Weight Watchers – I love this program because you can join this program for FREE. Weight Watcher’s is a very successful program because it uses the point system. You can track your calories by tallying the points related to everything you eat. My mother-in-law is currently on Weight Watchers and she can boast a total weight-loss over 25 pounds. It works!

Nutrisystem – they supply you with the tools (or the food) for 28 days and all you have to do is stick to the diet plan. This weight-loss program is great for working moms, because your food is packaged and portioned for you. You go to the market and pick up your carbs and power fuel drinks and the rest is history. This program is not cheap, but it’s affordable and should be looked into. I hear the food tastes delicious!

Your metabolism greatly affects your weight and we all have slow or either fats metabolism rates – no two are the same. But, your weight is directly related to the food and beverage intake you consume. “Keep your mouth closed and you will lose weight”, was what my mom always told me. This works for some and others not. So, my advice is to watch what you eat, keep the caloric intake under 1800 calories a day and drink plenty of water.

Water is another important factor in achieving your weight-loss goals. My son prefers to drink the most expensive water, because somehow he believes the “right water” increases the amount of weight lost. I disagree with him, because I think all water can enhance weight-loss. However, not everyone can afford Evian, Dasani, Voss, Figi, or Aquafina. I say, stick with a generic brand bottled water, because it’s affordable and stay away from carbonated drinks like soda.

It’s an uphill battle but we can do it!

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