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My son is starting his last year of high school in two weeks.  We will be completing and submitting college admissions applications in a few months and I would rather he reside in a college dormitory rather than have his own apartment.  I think the on-campus environment would do him well.  I just don’t know how to convince him of this, so what should I do?  I was thinking of visiting the prospective college campuses and visiting the dormitories so he can see first-hand which is more convenient (on-campus housing or off-campus housing).

I remember when I started college many years ago (over 20 now), I enjoyed living in the dormitory.  My roommate was from Ohio and she and I got along well.  The only problems I encountered with my college roommate was the fact that she wore my clothing and ate my food, without my permission.  I would come home from visiting my family on the weekends only to find the groceries I’d purchased from Mrs. Gooch’s all gone and my clean clothes would be dumped in the clothing hamper.  I would ask her, “Did you wear my clothes and eat my food?” and she’d calmly reply, “Yes, I did – what’s the big deal?”.  I would sit there in shock.

Just wasn’t used to the idea of having someone slip in and out of my clothes without asking.  And eating up all my food without even calling me to say, “Hey, I ate your food and you should pick up more on the way home.”  A heads-up would have been polite.

So, then I decided to lock up things I did not want her to touch.  I really didn’t care too much about her eating away at my food, just didn’t want her wearing my new clothes and shoes.  Was very offended by that.

Anyways, my son and I will try to view the on-campus and off-campus housing options online, because taking a trip to each college campus would be very expensive, especially since some of his selections are out-of-state.  He’s looking at New York, Pennsylvania, and Boston.  So, we will just have to try our best to mull it over before making the right decision. I wish all of you mothers out there good luck, because we are gonna need it!

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