Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

Couple Having Argument At HomeYesterday I received an email from a woman who is having problems in her marriage.  She has three children and isn’t sure if she should give up on her marriage of nine plus years.  My advice to her was…”It’s important to listen to your husband. Find out what makes him happy.  Try your best to think about his feelings and not just your own.  Spend time alone with your husband, which means hiring a trusted babysitter for the kids and go away to a romantic city for the weekend.  While you are alone, try to listen to your husband.  There will be verbal and non-verbal ques…pay attention”.

Any marriage is worth saving as long as there’s no abuse (physical or mental) and even if you feel like throwing in the towel, think about the children that are involved and how a divorce could adversely impact them.  Marriage takes hard work, it’s never easy but for me – it’s worth keeping your family together.

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