Is My Wife Cheating?


I can’t stress the importance of keeping your family together.  This blog is about Parenting, but I am receiving lots of emails from women and men about marital problems.  Look, we all will have problems in our marriage.  Nobody’s perfect.  We need to focus on how we can improve ourselves in order to make the relationship with our spouse and children better.  Avoid focusing on your spouse’s vices and try to concentrate on what you can do to improve your communication (for example).  How can you help with budgeting the family’s finances (if you are having trouble in the financial arena)?

It takes two to fight, so if you don’t participate in the negative exchange of words – then maybe you can make some progress.  Keep the emails coming and I will try to answer your questions here.  In the meantime, focus on the positive and not the negative aspects of your marriage.  If you think your wife is cheating – then show me the proof.  If you have no proof, then you have no argument.  Shut up!  Maybe you’re the one who’s doing the cheating???

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