Medical Marijuana

marijuanaAs the mother of a college student, I worry all the time about my son being exposed to Medical Marijuana during his years in college.  He no longer resides at home with me and being a Helicopter Mom it’s difficult to control what he’s exposed to…so I’m writing this article and posing a question to moms all over the world…”How would you feel if your son or daughter was exposed to marijuana while away at college?

cotton candyIt seems that medical marijuana clinics are popping up all over the place and they are making millions of dollars.  The names on the products they are selling are similar to names of popular children’s candy…”cotton candy” or “sour OG” just to name a few.  I personally don’t drink nor do I spoke, not have I ever experimented with any types of drugs.  So, it would be devastating to me to learn that my son is being exposed to medical marijuana and that’s exactly what happened during his second year of college.  I was no longer a mother in control, but someone on the outside looking in…living miles and miles away.  I cringed just thinking about his friends smoking marijuana in his presence but what could I do? Absolutely NOTHING!

marijuanaIt seems that females are purchasing medical marijuana twice as much as young men are who are registered in colleges and universities around the world.  I never could understand what drugs do for someone, but my son says his friends smoke medical marijuana because “it’s legal in their state” and “it helps them study better and they do really well on exams and quizzes”.  But, how can a mind altering drug help your mind operate more efficiently?  That’s the big question…read my next post on medical marijuana to get the answer.


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