Overparenting equals Neurotic Kids

I read an article a few days ago about helicopter moms who raised neurotic children.  I can only hope that my son does not become neurotic since I am truly a helicopter mamma.  I don’t see myself changing anytime soon and as I write a new book about my experiences as a helicopter mamma and how it’s affecting my life, my husband, my close and extended family and friends – I can’t imagine my life any different that it is today. I always wonder how my son is doing and if he is OK.  Even while he is at school.  I still worry and pray that he is alright.

I know this is an illness, this thing called over-parenting, but how can I stop?  I read once that a study was done on mice who hover over their newborns and there was something in a certain region of the brain (within the mice) that caused this over-protective behavior.  It was called Stathmin.  It caused a fear factor to reside within the mamma mice.  I wonder if this is what’s causing my fear?  I hope not.  I feel like a protective mamma bear.  I want to make sure my son is always happy and always doing well.

In the coming months, as I get closer to publication of my new book, I will post where you can purchase it.  I am hoping that by writing, I can help others and myself overcome being acute helicopter mammas.  If we can’t be so overly protective, can we still be minutely protective?  Or does it have to be one way or they other?

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