Run Out of Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Spouse?

Birthday Gift Ideas

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday.  We have been married for ten beautiful years. Anyone who’s been married that long – knows that marriage takes work.  We don’t always agree on everything; but we do agree that we will at times disagree.   I have a short list of gift ideas below:

Watch – but he never pays attention to time, because he’s always running late.  I always said, “You’ll be late to your own funeral”. Time is of no essence.

Tool set – never uses tools, he’s too busy working and would rather call a repair man to make necessary home repairs.

Cologne – I’ve purchased for him the likes of Cartier’s “Declaration” and Gucci’s “Guilty Intense”, but he rarely remembers to spray them on, so the pretty cologne bottles just sit there.  If I were not a woman, I would spray some on every now and then.  They smell really good.  No kidding.

Since I don’t think he’ll do anything with the gifts listed above, I’ve decided to surprise him with a wonderful dinner at his favorite restaurant.  Lone Star Steakhouse, yes this is where he truly feels like he’s king.  Men + meat + potatoes + beer = Great combo and definitely puts a smile on his face.  Lone Star it is!

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  1. Jill Kubick says

    Was my hubby’s b-day today. Got him a winter coat. Live in new york and really cold here.

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