Older Women and Younger Men

Should a 21-year-old young woman be going out with a 17 1/2-year-old kid?  Well, some people would say “Sure, let him enjoy himself, she can teach him a thing or two”.  While others would say, “No WAY!, she’s breaking the law (in most states).  I really wonder if it’s OK for a 21-year-old woman to be interested in a 17-year-old young man?  Personally, I think it’s wrong and anyone who has children under the age of 18, should monitor their kids’ friends carefully and closely.  Make sure you know who your kids are hanging out with, their ages, where they live, cell phone numbers, parent’s telephone numbers, etcetera.

For now, I say keep those older women away from my son.  I want the best for my son.  I don’t want an older  woman to “show him the ropes” and ruin his initial life experiences for him.  I want him to enjoy his young life with a young girl close to his own age.  Is it wrong for a mother to feel this way?  Write me, send your e-mails and let me know what you feel about this topic.

For all you helicopter moms out there, it’s OK to know who your kids are hanging out with – do your homework.

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