Selecting A Car

I remember when I first learned to drive, I was 15 and my brother took me to an empty Burger King parking lot in Los Angeles and told me it was time for me to learn how to drive, because he was tired of driving me around town.  Unbeknownst  to my mother, I was learning how to drive before being officially issued a driver’s permit.  My brother Alfred was ready, so I had to be.

I was not the least bit nervous behind the wheel, in fact it seemed like an easy task.  Alfred carefully explained what each gear meant and he showed me the gas and brake pedals and went on in detail about why each one was used.  He also explained what could happen if each one were not used at the proper time.

My first car was a Subaru.  I was so excited about driving and having some form of independence, that I really didn’t care about the make or the model, just was happy it had four wheels.  I was driving myself to school at age 16.  My mom had to work as a nurse and since I was the youngest and the only one left at home, I was basically on my own.  But, it was great.  I enjoyed my younger years behind the wheel thanks to my brother Alfred.

However, my son is ready to get his own car and he is looking at Mercedes and BMW’s.  I am wondering who is going to pay for such expensive vehicles?  A practical and affordable option for him would be something like a pre-owned Honda or Toyota.  I would even consider a Volvo, due to safety factors.  These cars have high resale value and are what I would consider very safe.  But, my son is at an age where he wants to show off in front of his friends and the hip cars are BMW’s and Mercedes Benz.  Oh, how he will be disappointed on car buying day.

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Driver Training

Yesterday was my son’s first day of behind-the-wheel driver training.  It was Sunday, so I assumed there would not be a great deal of traffic on the circuit streets or highways.  I wanted to tag along and sit in the backseat, but I decided to hover less and give my son room to actually practice his driving skills without me commenting on how he did.  So, I stayed home and relaxed by watching Lifetime.  My favorite Sunday night show is Army Wives and during the day, I can tune-in and never tune-out, just love this channel.

But, as I sat home on the couch, I couldn’t help but worry about my son.  He has never been behind the wheel of a car because I did not want to teach him my bad driving habits.  I wanted him to start fresh, with a clean slate.  He was out practicing for about two and a half hours and when he returned, right away I had to ask “How did it go?”  He said, he was nervous and the car was not steady, since obviously this was his first time.  He was swerving from left to right within his lane and before you know it, a cop pulled him over. So, he and his driving instructor told the cop he was a brand new driver who was learning how to drive.  So, the cop gave him a pat on the back and said, “Good luck kid,” and they were off again.

This time he was on the freeway and was extremely tense.  His instructor kept telling him to relax his shoulders and just drive.  But, my son was unable to relax.  I personally think he did well for his first time out.  He didn’t run any lights or stop signs and most importantly – he did not wreck the car.  Thank goodness.  There are two more weekend lessons left on his driver training schedule and after that, I will have him practicing while I am in the passenger seat.  We’ll see how that goes.  Wish him luck, because we will need it.

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Provisional Driver’s Permit

Today I am unhappy because my son did not pass his driver’s permit test.  It was the third time he attempted to take the written test and he only missed nine questions, but the cut-off in order to pass the test was eight.  So, he will study again, for one week and return next week to attempt the test again.  They say, the fourth time is really the charm.  I hope so, because I truly am ready for him to start driving himself to places he needs to go.

He needs to go to school and I am so ready for him to get in the car and drive.  Teenagers these days don’t realize the sacrifice we parents make, so they can be safe and secure.  As a helicopter mom, I want to ensure my son is safe while traveling to and from school.  That is why I drive him there daily and alter my work schedule, so that I can pick him up after school.

How many parents out there have kids that have taken the written driver’s license test more than once or twice?  How long did it take for them to finally get it right?  I am just curious.

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Buying A Car For Your Teen

Since my son recently passed the written exam for his driver’s license, we’ve begun looking at possible cars to purchase.  I think a more practical vehicle for an 18-year-old young man would be a Toyota or a Honda.  We’re not in the market for a new car, but a – vehicle, with relatively low mileage.  My son’s friends drive Mercedes Benz and BMW’s, but unfortunately we cannot afford those high-priced vehicles.  Besides, I think if a kid drives a BMW, he should work for such a car.

Having rich parents is one thing, but working and understanding the value of a dollar is another.  I am trying to teach my son how to save money and work for what he wants in life. Living in the community in which we live, many people here are very materialistic and this attitude is reflected in the kids.  The clothing they wear is designer, the handbags are all designer bags.  However, I want my son to value the “things” I have worked so diligently for and realize the sacrifices I have made in my life to raise him.

I am a huge fan of Suze Orman and I have tried to take her advice.  I have an emergency fund that I am building and I do shop at places like Target, Wal-Mart and H and M.  The simple things in life are what’s more important than the label on a pair of jeans or the make and model of the car you drive.  This is what I want to teach my son.  I wish other parents would do the same.  More parents should teach their kids responsible attitudes about money.  Maybe then we’d have fewer people on government assistance.  So many people overspend and purchase things they simply cannot afford.  As a helicopter mom, I live within my means and teach my kid the same.

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DMV Written Test

Today is an exciting day for me as a Helicopter Mom.  My son passed his written exam for his driver’s permit.  I was praying the entire time we were sitting in the DMV office.  It took him no more than 15 minutes, which scared me at first.  I expected him to take at least 30-45 minutes this time, especially since this was his 4th attempt.  Nonetheless, he came over to where I was sitting with a big smile on his facing and said, “I am 150 percent sure I passed this time”.  He was extremely confident.  I on the other hand, was not.  I told him to take his time and again it seemed he’d rushed through the questions.

Well we waited for about twenty minutes for the clerk to correct his test and call his name. As soon as his name was called, he jumped up and rapidly walked over to the clerk.  I followed behind, but with hesitation.  The clerk looked up and said, “Congratulations, you passed.  You scored 100 percent, got ’em all right kid!”  My son, peered back at me and said, “I told you”.

Wow, I doubted my son’s confidence when I shouldn’t have.  What else is new?  I should have more faith in my son as he is very responsible, he knows right from wrong and he actually has some pretty good goals for his future.  He is planning to attend college right after high school.  His goals are a bit ambitious, as he plans to apply to an Ivy League college next Fall. Only drawback is his GPA is not up to par.  At least, not Ivy League par.  But, I can only pray for the best and let him know I believe in him and that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

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