Is Your Teenage Daughter Dressing Inappropriately? If So, Then You Need To Check Her!

An 11-year-old girl in Sunland, CA was recently sent home from school for wearing dark brown tights. The school called the tights or pants inappropriate but the child’s mother felt the school was racially discriminating against her daughter. I am a mother and if I had a daughter attending grade school, I would certainly not allow her to wear skin-tight clothing. I don’t think the school was discriminating against the 11-year-old young girl. I honestly think the school was protecting her. Parents should closely monitor what their young daughters are wearing to school. I don’t believe tight clothing or really short skirts and shorts should be tolerated. Not by the school and certainly not be the parents of these young girls.

The child was not being punished for wearing leggings, she was simply being reprimanded for disobeying the dress code which is strictly enforced at the middle school. I think parents should really take a close look at the types of clothing their kids are buying, whether it’s clothing for school or just casual going out wear. We need to be responsible and make sure our kids don’t dress inappropriately.

The student, who happens to be an honor student at Mount Gleason Middle School may not understand the harm in wearing skin-tight leggings at age 11, but her mother should certainly protect her daughter in this case and immediately throw those leggings in the garbage (where they belong). Her daughter is too young for that type of suggestive clothing. Mom, just wait until your daughter is 18 and she’s going out on dates almost in the nude – we’ll see how you feel then. I say as her mother you need to teach her now what’s appropriate and what’s not. This will spare you much heartache and problems later in life.

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