What’s the “Right” Religion?

My son asked me this question when he was eight years young. By then he’d already been christened in the Catholic Church. But, he was way too young to understand the true meaning of religion. All he remembers from that innocent age is the fact that Mommy always attended church on Sundays and both Mommy and Daddy said grace during dinner time meals. The family rarely ate breakfast together, because on the weekends my husband was so tired from working over 60 hours each week, that he’d sleep in late. Most weekends I was cleaning and doing laundry, so I really didn’t have time to prepare a large weekend breakfast. But, we always made time to sit down and catch up on the day’s events at dinner time.

It’s 2012 and my son is older and wiser, so I think he has a better understanding of his faith. Bad things happen to good people and I think that’s the only time he questions his faith. Like a few weeks ago, my mother fell and broke her hip. She nearly died while in surgery. So, my son started to ask the question, “Why, did this have to happen to Grandma if there really is a God?” I told him, we can’t control what God does, but we can control how we react to it. Most importantly, we must remember that everything happens for a reason. Although, sometimes the reasons are unbeknownst to us – God always knows why.

I can’t say which religion is the “right” religion. But, I do know that maintaining your faith in good and bad times is all we need to remain sane on God’s beautiful earth.

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