How Arthur Lost 118 Pounds

Weight Loss

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and there will be so many delicious foods and drinks to sample. However, my family has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. Yes, the top four diseases that kill in America run through my bloodline. This is why it was so important for me to help Arthur achieve healthy eating habits early on; because I didn’t want to see him experiencing what my parents did due to their severe weight problems.

My mother currently suffers from elevated blood pressure levels and she’s endured five strokes during her lifetime. My grandmother died from a stroke and was paralyzed on her left-side during her last years of life. I’ve had my ups and downs with weight issues over the past few years, but I’ve decided not to let food control me any longer. Recently, I lost fifteen pounds and Arthur has shed over 118 pounds over the last fourteen months. Read More

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Forgot My Lunch

Seedless Red Organic Grapes

I’m sitting in my office, it’s about twelve noon and I just realized that I forgot to bring my lunch today.  I was planning to have a healthy, low-calorie turkey sandwich on wheat, but oh well.  I did happen to find a small bag of grapes in the fridge here at my office, so I guess the grapes will simply have to satisfy my growling tummy.

Did you know that one cup of grapes or 92.0 grams is equal to 62 calories?  So, if you are trying to lose weight, as I always am – then you should think about including grapes in your diet.  My favorites are the red, organic seedless grapes.  But, if you like the green or black seedless grapes – then pick some up today on your way home from work.  Grapes are very filling and they satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings.


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Are You Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits?

Yummy Donuts

I must admit my favorite snacks are yummy and sweet donuts.  But, since my son starting dieting over one year ago – I have really tried to cut back on high-calorie snacks.  My son recently lost over 100 pounds (he did this over the past 13 months) and he’s still losing.  He’s reached his goal and now he plans to exceed his initial weight-loss goal by twenty pounds.  I am so proud of him, because at age 17 he’s finally made up his mind that he no longer wants to feel uncomfortable in his own skin.

As mothers, we must teach our kids healthy eating.  Kids will do everything they see us (as parents) do…it’s called imitating. If our kids see us eating healthy, low-calorie foods then hopefully they will follow in our footsteps.  Diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes – all of these things and more can occur when our kids are overweight.  Let’s love our children and stay away from the foods that lead to health problems later in life.

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Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

It’s never easy to get that beautiful, shapely almost stunning pre-pregnancy body back. It’s always an uphill climb trying to lose those extra baby pounds, but I gotta tell ya’ – it’s certainly doable if you stay focused. After I gave birth to my son almost 18 years ago, I was a whopping 67 pounds overweight. I tried every diet in the world that was popular at that time and nothing really worked. The pounds didn’t begin to melt away until I applied some old-fashioned weight-loss techniques that involved exercise, calorie-counting and lots of water.

Let’s discuss a few popular diets that are currently on the market today:

Weight Watchers – I love this program because you can join this program for FREE. Weight Watcher’s is a very successful program because it uses the point system. You can track your calories by tallying the points related to everything you eat. My mother-in-law is currently on Weight Watchers and she can boast a total weight-loss over 25 pounds. It works!

Nutrisystem – they supply you with the tools (or the food) for 28 days and all you have to do is stick to the diet plan. This weight-loss program is great for working moms, because your food is packaged and portioned for you. You go to the market and pick up your carbs and power fuel drinks and the rest is history. This program is not cheap, but it’s affordable and should be looked into. I hear the food tastes delicious!

Your metabolism greatly affects your weight and we all have slow or either fats metabolism rates – no two are the same. But, your weight is directly related to the food and beverage intake you consume. “Keep your mouth closed and you will lose weight”, was what my mom always told me. This works for some and others not. So, my advice is to watch what you eat, keep the caloric intake under 1800 calories a day and drink plenty of water.

Water is another important factor in achieving your weight-loss goals. My son prefers to drink the most expensive water, because somehow he believes the “right water” increases the amount of weight lost. I disagree with him, because I think all water can enhance weight-loss. However, not everyone can afford Evian, Dasani, Voss, Figi, or Aquafina. I say, stick with a generic brand bottled water, because it’s affordable and stay away from carbonated drinks like soda.

It’s an uphill battle but we can do it!

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Eating Disorders

I have had an eating disorder all my life. My weight has fluctuated up and down over the years. Recently I joined a gym and I am working out daily by jogging three miles each day. As we moms get older, we have to work twice as hard to maintain a healthy weight.

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Losing Weight

How can your son or daughter get in shape before leaving for college next year? Well, I can tell you it will not be easy, but it can be affordable and most importantly, it can be done.  My son recently lost over 100 pounds, by changing his diet and exercising daily.  Prior to his dramatic weight loss, his diet consisted of pizza, burgers, fried chicken, pasta and other high-calorie, fattening foods.  He put on so much weight the kids at school used to tease him because of his extra-large size.  He was always the fat kid, who the other kids would constantly make fun of – but now he has completely redone himself.  Prior to his weight loss, he weighed about 309 pounds.  He currently weighs 205 pounds.

With the help of appetite suppressants, a strict diet and exercise, he dropped 104 pounds over the past year.  He was determined and did not let anything or anyone stand in his way.  Tired of being the brunt of fat jokes and name calling by other insensitive kids at the high school he attends, he woke up one day and told me he wanted to lose the weight and keep it off for good.  I suggested a weight loss camp, but after researching the costs associated with these weight loss camps, which can range from $7,000 – $45,000 per summer session, I quickly changed my mind.  I told my son it was something he had to really want bad enough, in order to make a permanent life-change.  It was unhealthy to be overweight and he didn’t want to be a young kid, who could soon be diagnosed with high blood pressure or possibly even diabetes.

So, we went to the local general nutrition store and after much research on my part, he started taking an appetite suppressant and also joined the local gym. Working out is his passion.  He started by running several miles a day on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes each day, five days a week.  The pounds started melting off and his self-esteem continued to grow.  He no longer felt ashamed of his size and slowly became more secure with who he is and today he’s only 25 pounds away from his goal weight. He plans to be at his ideal weight within the next four to six months.

I try to encourage him to maintain his weight loss and I also recently started working out with him five days each week.  If we support our kids, they can achieve all of their goals.  As a helicopter mamma, I think we should try to help our kids build their self esteem and self confidence and if that means helping them lose weight and getting them fit and healthy – then we need to assist them achieve those goals.  If you are interested in the strict diet Arthur adheres to and/or the name of the appetite suppressant which helps him avoid the fattening foods and shed the pounds, then send an email to carolyn at helicoptermamma dot com.  Good Luck.

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