America’s Worst Mom

A woman by the name of Lenore left her 9-year-old son, Izzy, in a department store in New York City with twenty bucks and map and a subway card. Did this kid ever find his way home safely?

Wow, I would love to follow-up with this lady and her son Izzy. Does anybody know where they are today?

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Helicopter Moms Get a Bad Rap

Why is it that being a good mother, makes you a bad parent? There could be worse things in life, than having a hovering mother, you know? Like a mother who neglects her children. What’s worse, or better yet – what causes more damage to children?

So many negative things have been said about Helicopter Moms, like:

• You are not a helicopter parent if your kid is not in a zillion extra-curriculars
• Helicoptering is a natural outcome of our increasingly competitive society
• If you are not that materialistic, you can’t be a helicopter parent
• Helicopter parenting is about too much presence
• Sacrificing your own life for your children is a good or noble thing
• Helicopter parents are bad or pathetic people with deranged values

I keep asking myself, why so many mothers, who simply want to protect their children keep getting such a bad rap? As a Helicopter Mom, I love my son and all I want for him is the best. I want to see him happy, successful and accomplished. However, I am not steering him one way or the other. I am not selecting his profession for him or following up on his job offers. I did in the past, but have slowed down in those areas. I am trying to get better and allow him to grow up and become more independent.

But, let’s stop bashing Helicopter Moms. We are here to protect, nurture, offer guidance and love to our children. We feel it’s our duty to help them grow and lead them in the right direction. So, please stop giving us such a bad name. We love our children and they love us back. Maybe sometimes we get a little too involved, or too overbearing but it’s all out of love.

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