Teen Girls are More Likely to Off Their Helicopter Moms

If you have a teenage daughter and the two of you are not getting along – you’d better beware. If your daughter has a boyfriend and you don’t like her boyfriend, then please watch out for the obvious signs that could lead to the unthinkable. Girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who attach themselves to the so-called wrong kinda guy or bad boy are usually prime candidates for resenting their mothers so much that they often team up with their no good boyfriends and murder their helicopter moms. You read about it all the time, but sometimes no one makes the connection.

These young girls usually have very loving, attentive and caring mothers. Mothers who only want the best for their daughters. Unfortunately, teenage girls don’t always make the wisest choices when selecting a boyfriend. They sometimes end up with older, more controlling guys. These guys brainwash them into thinking life would be better without their meddling moms.  The girls are young and are sometimes totally controlled by these boyfriends.
You helicopter moms need to keep your eyes open and look for the signs:

Your daughter argues with you in order to spend more and more time with her boyfriend

Your daughter sneaks out of the house to see her boyfriend

Your daughter steals money from you to give it to her boyfriend

Your daughter constantly lies to you about her relationship with her boyfriend

Your daughter has mood swings, that vary from happy to extremely sad and almost hysterical when you place restrictions on her regarding seeing her boyfriend

Helicopter moms, you love your daughters but be careful, look for the signs and get counseling for your daughters before it’s too late.

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