The Big Apple

Time Square NYC

Arthur and I are anxiously awaiting the college acceptance or denial (bad word) letters.  It’ll probably take several months before we hear anything.  If Arthur decides to attend college in New York City, then chances are I may be moving there too.  Of course, Arthur doesn’t know this – I could always get a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  According to realtor {dot} com, my husband and I could rent a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $2,500 a month.  That’s actually almost three times what it costs us to pay our current mortgage.  Yikes!!!!!

My husband doesn’t know that I am checking out rental apartments in New York.  If he knew, he’d kill me.  He thinks Arthur will be okay in the Big Apple.  Of course, I’m going to be worried sick, so the best thing for me to do is go along.  Uproot my life, my home, my job and follow my son off to college.  Right?  Oh Vey!!!!!

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