The Dark Knight Fell

I am horrified by the massacre that occurred in Aurora, Colorado at the opening of the new film, The Dark Knight.  I am a huge movie fan and attend frequently with my family.  It was a tragedy and we have to pray for the families who lost loved ones that night.  Those who are injured, we must pray they return home safely to their families.  I cried most of the day just thinking about “what if it were me or someone close to me?”  It was a senseless act, by obviously a deranged human being.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what makes people do crazy things but we do know there are lots of crazy folks out there who inflict harm on innocent people.  All we can do is pray for justice to prevail.  I was planning to see the movie Saturday morning with my family, but we were afraid there might be copy-cats out there.  So, my family suggested we wait a few days before we go to the movies and we will probably attend a matinée.

I am a super big fan of the batman films.  I love Heath Ledger, may he rest on peace and Christian Bale is fantastic.  We just have to support the families of the victims, while at the same time we must continue to live our daily lives without fear of the unknown.  Despite this tragedy, we will rise above it and everyone will get through this difficult time.

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