Waiting for SAT Scores to Post

My son’s SAT scores from October 6th will be available in three days and I am anxiously awaiting the results.  I hope he scored higher than the first time, but he’s still eligible to apply for any college of his choice.  Whether he will be accepted will depend on several other factors.  His grade point average is well over 3.0; so I know he should be OK.  I will keep you posted on whether he improved in a few days.  If you have high school kids, then tell me how they are doing on their PSAT and SAT scores.  Are they having to retake these tests to improve their overall scores?

My son’s high school offered a Saturday SAT workshop, which ran for three or four Saturdays and the cost was only $100 dollars total.  I think it really helps the kids to study together in small groups.  They were able to ask questions on areas in which they encountered difficulties while taking the SAT and many of their questions were answered at the workshop.  So, check with your son or daughter’s high school to see if these sorts of workshops are offered.

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