Are Your Kids Driving You to Drink?

I have never been much of a drinker. However, at weddings and parties I may sample the house wine and sip one or two glasses, but that’s it. But, have you ever attended a party or an event and watched the ladies drink like they were sailors? I have – actually I was just at an event recently where the woman sitting next to me drank until she was completely inebriated and couldn’t even drive herself home. I listened to her as she belted down each drink and she was extremely upset with her daughter. Her daughter had recently “unfriended” her on Facebook. This apparently didn’t go over to well with the woman sitting next to me, by the name of Sandra.

Sandra was really pissed off at her daughter for no longer wanting to be her “friend” on Facebook and no longer speaking with her. Sandra said, “It’s been three weeks since that Bitch has called me. Three long weeks and I will not call her until she picks up the phone and apologizes to me!” So, I asked, “Why should she apologize to you?” Sandra said, “…because I carried that little witch for nine months and all because I said one mean thing about her boyfriend, she stops talking to me? I can’t believe this crap.” So, I said, “Why don’t you give her time to cool off and wait until you hear from her? She will eventually come around.” By this time, Sandra was so drunk that she started repeating the “B” word over and over. I told her, “It doesn’t make any sense to stay angry at your daughter. You are giving her boyfriend exactly what he wants. If your daughter is aware that you have issues with her current boyfriend, then voice those issues – but NOT on Facebook. You need to tell her privately how you feel. Give her a chance to digest your feelings and understand your point of view. But don’t ever call your daughter out on Facebook. That was a bad move.

I think as drunk as the lady was, she heard me loud and clear, but a friend of hers ushered her outside and drove her home. So, I am hoping she deletes the nasty Facebook messages and talks one-on-one with her daughter. Give your kids the same respect you’d like them to give back to you. It’s embarrassing to have your mother post something nasty about your boyfriend on Facebook. I think that’s what ticked her daughter off. But, there is always a “cooling off period” and after that blows over her daughter will call her and hopefully they can talk like adults, without using Facebook to get their message across.

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